Reasons to sail with us

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Pittwater's location is ideal for holiday sailing. Protected from the stormy ocean waves, you will sail on gentle ripple on most days. Our boats are equipped with all safety equipment requred. We will take through the safety briefing and make sure you are know where all the safety gear is loacted and know how to use it. And in very unlikely event of the emergency help is only a call away.
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Every boat in our fleet, except for small runabouts, provides you with tidy cabins and bedding, entertaining space, fresh water, toilet with shower, kitchen with stove/oven, fridge and/or icebox, LPG gas BBQ and much more — your trip with us will be exceptionally comfortable!
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Our boats can welcome 8 to 12 passengers by day and 6 to 8 overnight so you can share your expenses with your friends and their families.
There are midweek discounts and special discounts for multiday charters — the longer your charter, the better the price!
And, of course, we value our customers and as special gratitude you will receive a personal loyalty discount for future charters. This discount builds up at rate of $50 for each fully paid charter day over a year, but cannot exceed $150 in total.
 Charters we offer
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Active - Bareboat (Hire & Drive)
Navigate a yacht, drop anchor, take mooring, hoist sails or dive from the bathing platform and have a swimming race towards the shore or around the boat. There are activities for everyone - kids and adults!
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Relaxing - Skippered
If you are after absolute serenity and relaxation - just swim, sunbath and enjoy yourself thoroughly while feasting your eyes on the beautiful sceneries and let our professional skippers do all the jobs!


Qualification requied for Bareboat charter

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Unless you hire a speedboat (check with us if you are not sure), neither boat license nor formal sailing qualification is required, but:
We expect you to have boating experience and know what you are doing: rules of road, basic navigation skills, safe mooring and anchoring, emergency procedures, safety gear, ropework etc. Please note that prior to your departure we would need to check your competency for the sake of your and your guests safety.

So how does it work?

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Make a reservation and pay a deposit
Navigate to our booking page, choose the boat and day you want, feel out booking form and press "Make reservation" button at the bottom of the page.
Secure you choice by paying a deposit of 25% of your charter price.
You will receive confirmation email with your reservation details, our terms and condiftions and the invoice.
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Pay the balance
14 days before your departure.
We will send you an email confirming your full payment with all the details, tips and instructions.
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Come to Gibson Marina Bayview
on your allocated day and time, be met by our friendly team member, who will finalise the paperwork, take you through the safety briefing, show you the boat and assess you skills in case you decided to go bareboating.
Please note that all the preparations from the moment you arrive to the moment you sail away take about an hour.
Once everybody are ready, we will help you to leave marina and you will start your journey. When you about to return, please give us a call 10-15 minutes in advance. We will come to meet you outside of marina and will help you to dock or pick up the mooring if weather conditions dictate so.

Where can I find the "Terms and Conditions"?

Please read them here.