Yachting is an exciting and motivating tool that no company can afford to be without. Used as a special reward for performance, to teach team dynamics or impress discerning clients. Our yachts breathe new life into participants improving the communication and productivity of your company. Sailing on beautiful Pittwater away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney Harbour your clients and colleagues will become less stressed, relaxed and inspired. Our packages are put together with thought and experience, our training programs are designed to teach amongst others team work, problem solving and enhance camaraderie as well as personnel achievement.

The highly competitive and ever changing nature of business today has lead to far greater demands being placed on Managers and employees alike. Leading companies throughout the world are recognizing that investment in staff training is vital to maintain momentum and keep competitive edge. Traditional training programs conducted in a conference room environment are suitable only for teaching specific skills and procedures but are ineffective when trying to convey issues that will carry your team into the next decade. Managing change, transformational leadership, team relationships and communication are all ideas that are best experienced rather than drawn on a white board.

Skipper a Clipper individually tailored programs can combine both time in the conference room and the opportunity to put theory into practice using sailing as the medium.

the-man-s-storm-sea-yachtingPrevious sailing experience is not important as the equalizing effect of the sailing allows a new relationship to develop in your team, as together they respond and adapt to this challenge.

At the heart of our program is the format of a series of short races. Each team is provided with a luxury Bavaria or Catalina yacht and one of our specially trained skippers. During a short practice session, each team is instructed to an equal level. Racing these yachts in close competition will be new to everyone, but those that take up the challenge and work together will find themselves leading the fleet, developing a new understanding of team dynamics as they swap roles after each race. One race you may be the Skipper drawing information from your team, making decisions under pressure and providing leadership. The very next race, you may well be the grinder, following orders and supplying the horsepower for your team. As each team responds to the challenge they immediately have a tangible benchmark for their performance as they compare themselves with the other teams around them.

The programs end with a full debrief highlighting the learning experienced by individuals and how they can take it back into an action plan for the workplace. Your team will take a new ownership in the success of your business through a better understanding of their place in the team.

Your corporate development package can be totally tailored to suit your company structure, working with your own in-house personnel, or we can provide our own specialist facilitator experienced in both corporate and sailing fields. We have packages that will form the basis of the program, we are then only limited by our imagination.

COMPASS REGATTA 10 crew per yacht


  • 3-4 hour charter of our brand new luxurious Bavaria or Catalina yachts
  • Welcome by our race co-ordinator and introduction to skippers
  • Skipper especially trained in match racing aboard each yacht. Full safety briefing aboard each yacht.
  • Strategically planned course and race organization to suit the prevailing winds and the beauty of Pittwater and surrounding national park. Alternatively 2 or 3 short windward/leeward courses for the more competitive.
  • Fruit juice and water provided.
  • Waterside debriefing, optional presentation and post regatta drinks.
  • Lunch available additional extra

HALYARDS REGATTA 6 crew per yacht

Includes all of the above plus:

  • Quality sailing cap with Skipper a Clipper logo
  • Waterside pickup and debriefing, with post regatta drinks

FULL DAY CORAL REGATTA 8 crew per yacht

Includes all of the above plus:

  • Up to 8 hours on the water aboard brand new identical Bavaria or Catalina yachts.
  • Lunch consisting of delicious gourmet sandwiches, pastries, fruit, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Improved training and group dynamics in the morning session, up to three races in the afternoon.
  • Optional breakfast onboard or at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or our onsite restaurants.


Inclusive of sail presentation and safety briefing, cruise around Pittwater, Hawkesbury River. Anchor for lunch in a secluded anchorage. Escape the pressures of the office, a full day of luxurious pampering and relaxation.

  • 8 hour charter of our brand new luxurious identical Bavaria or Catalina yachts or Seawind catamaran.
  • Sumptuous Buffet lunch to include fresh seafood platter, hot BBQ meats, choice of 4 salads, dinner rolls, desert, fruit, cheese and biscuits, tea and coffee.
  • Selection of champagne, beers, wines and soft drinks.
  • Morning or afternoon tea include a selection of cakes and pastries.
  • Access to Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club facilities before and after sailing.

CHALLENGE ABOARD 4 day program 6 crew per yacht

  • 4 days and 3 nights aboard our brand new Seawind 1000 Catamaran.
  • AYF fully accredited instructor/skipper aboard. Safety briefing and instruction given.
  • All food, linen, fuel, safety equipment and waterproof jackets on board
  • AYF competent crew certificate accredited to each crew member on successful completion of the program.
  • Excitement is the basis of this program. Learn to live in close quarters with your colleagues, experience skills required to successfully manage and sail a fast yacht. Take responsibility for other peoples wants and needs, share in their triumphs and tribulations.
  • Each crew member is expected to become fully involved in the management of the yacht from steering and pulling on the lines to cooking for large numbers with limited stove space and no microwave. Only on a challenge like this will you discover peoples strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome the negatives and achieve objectives.

Sydney Harbour

Skippered charters are also available on these vessels in Sydney Harbour.

"Own A Boat For A Year" Program

Have the benefits of virtually owning a boat for 20 days or more, taken when you want throughout the year and enjoy a much-reduced rate. Join our "Owners Club" as one of our frequent floaters and you can have all the joys of owning a boat without having to clean and maintain it. Just step straight on and away you go. Use for holidays, private and business use, entertain guests or reward clients and staff. Packages start from $300 per day for 20 days.

Offshore Sailing Adventures

Let us take you offshore to exciting destinations. Travel to Sydney Harbour for a short holiday or venture further afield to the Whitsundays on our annual pilgrimage north. Individual places available on trips to Jervis bay, Southport, Hamilton Island, Coffs harbour etc. Register for our newsletter to receive information on these trips as they appear. For more details see our sailing school info

Personalised programs

Come with a group of friends and let us take you to Port Stephens or Jervis Bay for the weekend. From the seasoned sailor to the first time adventurer. Sail offshore with fully qualified instructors and learn their world wide knowledge gained from many ocean crossings. Hear their stories of battling storms on the high seas and visiting dangerous places. AYF certificates available for coastal skipper, seamiles recorded for yachtmaster examinations.



sailing team on yacht

New skills

sailing operating the winch


sailor pointing forward chart in hand


the man s storm sea yachting

I win


Team building

happy sailing crew of 6 people