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Welcome aboard

Power Boat HireWelcome to Skipper a Clipper where we have been focused on providing the best possible boating holidays for a huge number of people over the past 40 years.

At Skipper a Clipper we offer a wide range of boats for you to choose from - power boats, yachts and catamarans.

We want to match you up with the best choice - whatever the category - please consider the options as outlined below.

Power Boats

Power Boat Hire Sydney

Skipper a Clipper is synonymous with power boat cruises. We started business back in 1970 and have operated continuously.

We offer a range of power boats that you can drive yourself. No licence is required, and we always provide a thorough briefing to ensure that you will be able to drive the boats with confidence and understanding of the operational and safety aspects of the boat. We offer a range of different types and sizes of boats for your pleasure.

Our location at Bayview gives immediate access to the best waterway in this area - Pittwater. A lot of our clients love to go to the Basin and just hang around. The swimming is great, especially in the lagoon, with its sandy bottom which keeps the water nice and warm.

Sailing Yachts

Luxury Yacht Hire

So you want to go sailing.

We have a wide range of yacht hires available for a day sail, weekend or longer.

The yachts vary in size from 29 to 44 feet and are set up for your absolute pleasure. They come complete with everything you need for your charter - complete luxury for all.

We also offer catamarans for those who want more individual space. The catamarans are fun to sail, but also lend themselves to operations under power. Catamarans, by their very nature are more stable and suit those who prefer a flatter ride.


front catamaran

To enjoy the best of both worlds and to get a whole new experience try one of our catamarans.

As a stable platform for family outings with the opportunity to get to show "the tribe" a bit about sailing there is nothing better. A great way to "rough it" in comfort.

Phone 02 9979 6188

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